Why should we be concerned?

40% of kids have chatted with a Stranger online

Sexual Predators

The online world opens the door for trusting young people to interact with virtual strangers

50% of children say someone has been nasty online


Sending hateful messages to children, spreading lies about them online, making nasty comments on their social network

1/3 of children have seen explicit images by the age of 10

Inappropriate Content

One of the worst dangers of Internet, for many parents, is the idea that pornography could pop up and surprise their children.

After noticing the growing influence of technology in lives of people in Pakistan and lack of awareness, we came up with the idea to create an organization that will focus on "online safety". "Safe Net" was incorporated in Feb 2019 in Pakistan, with a mission to create cyber awareness and education for children, community and businesses. Safe Kids Co. (online safety for kids ) is the consumer facing brand of the company. We are partnering with organizations, government and international bodies to further this cause.